We seek to empower individuals with diabetes to help them achieve optimum physical and emotional health.

Monthly Nutrition Classes ($25 per person)

Each month we will be offering a special class for anyone in the community who would like to learn more about nutrition and living a healthier lifestyle. This will be a fun and interactive one-hour session with our Registered Dietitian, Abbie Loving, RD, CD.

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Our on staff dietitian will help you select the right food and meal options for your individual needs.

DSMT Services

We provide comprehensive diabetes self-management education in a group setting taught by a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist and a Registered Dietitian. This program is by referral only. 

A 1-hour initial assessment by a RN, CDCES is the first step in your diabetes education program journey. In this session, your forms will be reviewed, along with your health, nutrition and medication history. Your diabetes knowledge will be assessed, and an education plan will be developed. You will then schedule your group education.

You will spend 3 hours with the RN, CDCES and an additional 3 hours with the RD. These 3-hour sessions can be done on the same day or can be done on different days, depending on your individual needs. We will discuss what works best for you when your appointment is scheduled.

 During these classes you will learn the basics of diabetes education. Some of the topics will include healthy eating, physical exercise, diabetes treatment options, monitoring your blood sugar, treating hypoglycemia/hyperglycemia, medication usage, preventing complications, healthy coping and problem solving.

After completion of class, you will be scheduled a 4 week follow up appointment. At this appointment, you and the educator will review the information that was taught in class, discuss previous goals and any questions/concerns that you may have. You will work with your educator to develop new goals and a plan for future appointments. 

This class can also be taught on an individual basis with a referral from the physician managing your diabetes that states why an individual session is necessary.  

Insulin training will also be done on an individual basis.

Medical Nutrition Therapy 

(Individual consultation with a Registered Dietitian). This service is by referral only with an appropriate nutrition diagnosis.

Initial Assessment Visit

During this 90-minute session, you will meet individually with the Registered Dietitian and a complete nutritional assessment will be performed. The dietitian will perform a food recall to help her better understand your individual needs and eating habits. Your concerns and questions will be addressed during this session. As a team, you will discuss what goals you want to accomplish, and an action plan will be developed to help you achieve those goals.



Follow- up Appointment

In this 60-minute session, the Dietitian will measure your progress. The information previously learned will be reviewed and any questions will be answered. Adjustments to the meal plan will be made, if needed. Goals will be reassessed, and new goals will be made to help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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We have compiled a list of various links to accredited organizations such as the American Diabetes Association for those seeking more information. 

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