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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policies Continued for Walker Wellness & Diabetes Education, LLC

Email Risk

Walker Wellness & Diabetes Education uses email and other electronic formats to facilitate communication. Federal Regulations impose a “duty to warn” patients of risks associated with unencrypted email. Upon receipt and documentation of this notification, the patient has the right to request communication via email. 

*Patients have the option of using HIPPA compliant messaging inside their patient portal to communicate with the healthcare providers at Walker Wellness & Diabetes Education, LLC

Risks of using email include but are not limited to: 

Email may be forwarded, printed, and stored in numerous paper and electronic forms. 

Email may be sent to the wrong address by either party. 

Email may be easier to forge than handwritten or signed papers. 

Copies of email may exist even after the sender or the receiver has deleted his or her copy. 

Email service providers have a right to archive and inspect emails. 

Emails may be intercepted, altered, or used without detection or authorization. 

Email may spread computer viruses. 

Email delivery is not guaranteed. 

Patient is responsible for: 

Not using email during a medical emergency

 Following up with RN/RD if they have not received a response to an email within 48 business hours. Informing Walker Wellness & Diabetes Education, LLC of any changes to an email address.

 Notifying Walker Wellness & Diabetes Education, LLC in writing if they decide to discontinue using email communications.

Request for Communicating with Patients in Other Electronic Forms


 If a patient requests to be contacted via text message, the RN/RD must warn the patient of the risks of using a text message (the message is sent in plain text and may be intercepted, forwarded, stored in multiple locations and delivery is not guaranteed) and to document in the medical record that patients have been advised of the associated risks. If patient still requests texting be used, text communication will be used per patient’s request.


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